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000164630XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2022-07-07 22:26
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Summary0001646: 3 bugs happened in coop
DescriptionWhen we were in coop with my friend, we went to the spike-ball mini boss and he couldn't see him and the boss couldn't damage him whereas he could damage the boss. That bug didn't happen for me.
During another run, we were afk for 30 minutes, and when we came back, the game was extremely laggy, I could hardly move but he could, but the enemies were extremely laggy for him because I hosted the game. He tried to disconect and the game was't laggy anymore for me, but when he resconected, I was put in an endless loading and he was in the lobby with all of his stuff and couldn't die even with 0 hp.
So he disconected and I continued my run and I found the spike-ball mini-boss in front of me (whereas he's supposed to be behind me), I couldn't get through him because he damaged me when I touched him and he was moving forward very slowly and the fight started normally after a while.
Steps To ReproduceI don't know.
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