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000163330XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2022-05-04 22:23
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Summary0001633: Facesmasher has multiple issues
DescriptionFacesmasher is able to target and destroy Absolution's black holes.

It also displays damage dealt to the otherwise invincible enemies in Penumbra itself, although it doesn't seem to be able to actually destroy them.

Facesmasher also makes an odd collision noise when it touches Penumbra switches in its idle phase (but it won't target them when attacking). Didn't seem to activate them, but still sounded like the game was trying to register impacts on every frame.

ALSO ALSO, it ignores frontal shields, such as those of Echocave's enemies or those in Watergrav, and deals damage without triggering their counterattack (possibly intended, but makes some of these enemies trivial).

ALSO (SUPER COMBO), it appears to do 10 times its normal damage against bats for some reason -- dealing 330 damage without Zookeeper's Command and 990 damage with it. (Also wondering if this damage scaling is correct. One additional level triples the damage dealt?)
Steps To Reproduce1) Find a black hole.
2) Smash the black hole's face for fun and profit.
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