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Summary0001630: I would like to be able to change "Fusion" of "Nina" to apply or not without going to the pause screen.
DescriptionMany of the "Fusion" in "Ver. 0.35" are very different in nature between "Power" without "Fusion" and "Power" with "Fusion".
There are many situations where you want to use "Power" without "Fusion" and "Power" with "Fusion".
It is a hassle, but in single-player play, it is no problem to reset the settings each time, but in coop play, there are many situations where it is not possible to reset the settings.
So I would like to be able to apply or not "Fusion" without going to the pause screen.

One suggestion would be to have the "Fusion" to be toggled on and off by pressing a key of some sort.
If "Zen Mortar" is set in the upper slot 1 and "Crystal Wave" in the lower slot 1, "Zen Mortar + Crystal Wave" will be activated if "Fusion" is applied, and "Zen Mortar" will be activated if not.
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