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000159730XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2022-02-19 19:36
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Summary0001597: Glory zone duplicates don't give proper salvage
DescriptionI got Dracopent's boots out of a glory zone while already having them.
The salvage for them was +3 max HP, but I was wondering what would happen if I picked them again, maybe I would get triple jump.
However when I did, I got +25 nuts.
I understand that, I already got those boots after all, however the salvage was +3 max HP, not +25 nuts.
I am reporting this as I feel it might be an oversight.
Steps To Reproduce- Have a core armor piece (experienced with Dracopent's boots)
- Beat a glory zone and hope it drops the same piece and have a non-nuts salvage
- Select the boots and get nuts instead of the specified salvage
Additional InformationI only have a screenshot of the selection menu, not of the result, sorry.
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2022-02-19 19:36


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