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000157630XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2022-01-29 03:25
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Summary0001576: In Couch Co-op only one player gets rewards
DescriptionIn previous iterations of 30XX it seemed like as long as both players in Couch Co-op were alive, both characters would receive blessings or augments from purple chests. In the most recent builds it seems like only one player may get any given blessing or chest. This makes local co-op very difficult as the two characters are "under leveled" after a few stages. I mostly play this game with my son and it can also engender unpleasant feelings when a single player gets a coveted enhancement and the other player gets nothing evern though both players contributed to defeating a miniboss or completing a Glory Zone.
Steps To ReproducePlay Couch Co-op, open a purple chest or defeat a miniboss or complete a Glory Zone with both players alive. Use LB as either player. Observe only one player gets a reward.
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2022-01-03 20:19

administrator   ~0008268

Each player can use the choice machine separately so you can each pick a reward! Working as intended.


2022-01-04 06:24

reporter   ~0008269

Oh then I guess the bug should be "In Couch Co-Op, only one player is able to interact with the choice machine." After the first player activates the choice machine and chooses a power up, the other player is unable to activate the choice machine.


2022-01-19 19:46

administrator   ~0008314

Closing this one - seems fine on my end - please reopen if it's still the case!


2022-01-29 03:25

reporter   ~0008382

I just tried this again on v 0.31 on Steam with Windows 10 using two ps4 controllers. In Couch Co-Op player 1 is Ace, Player 2 is Nina. Went to Hoot Omega, get to the midpoint where the reward choice occurs. As soon as player1 presses LB to activate the reward choice, player 2 is unable to activate the reward choice. Then we tried going to the glory Zone in the same level. This time player 2 activated the reward choice and player 1 was unable to activate it. It seems like there's some flag that says, "this machine has been used" that gets raised whenever either player selects their reward which blocks the other from interacting with the machine. Is there any more detailed info I can provide to make it easier for you to reproduce?

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