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Summary0001558: Free slot machine rolls affect future Contemplation room rewards
DescriptionContemplation room rewards in future stages seem to change if you successfully use Nutsaving Stringwire on a slot machine.

In the current weekly (Oct. 3rd), depending on whether you use Nutsaving Stringwire on the slot machine in level 2, the Contemplation room rewards in level 3 will change. You can see the possible choices in the attached screenshots.
Steps To Reproduce- Collect the two tokens and Nutsaving Stringwire in level 1 of the current weekly
- Use all your tokens on the slot machine in level 2 (or not); you will get Armatort's helmet then three failures (two of which are free rerolls)
- Check out rewards in level 3's Contemplation room
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2021-11-04 23:39


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