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Summary0001550: [Co-op] Timer Doesn't Reset
DescriptionAffects Player 2 in Network Co-op.

When a run involving a timer completes / terminates (even in single player), all following runs re-use the timer when the player is the 2nd player in a Network-based Co-op run, even if the Timer isn't a feature of the run.

The timer does not reset or refresh at any point during the co-op run, meaning that every level after the first starts with 0 seconds remaining and almost invariably kills player 2. This has only been remedied anecdotally by a hard restart of the game.
Steps To ReproduceDo a daily challenge with a timer feature. After completing the run, join a buddy through Network Co-op as player 2. Start a co-op daily challenge run (I think any run will trigger it, but not 100% sure.)
Additional InformationInterestingly, the timer freezes appropriately during shops and freeze animations (e.g. boss opening cutscenes) but ticks down while I'm dead or teleporting to Glory Zones.
TagsCo-op , timer
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