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000154430XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2021-09-20 00:07
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Summary0001544: Player can clip into walls and get stuck
DescriptionThe player is able to clip into walls and be unable to move until changing direction away from the object in which they are stuck. This tends to happen mostly around the corners of platforms, but can also occur on the sides of smaller platforms. This behavior has not been observed away from the edges of large walls or platforms.

A video of two such instances is available here: . A lower quality version has also been attached to this report in the event the video disappears from Streamable.

This was first noticed in v0.23, but still occurs in the current live build (v0.25. at time of reporting)
Steps To ReproduceRandomly occurs during normal movement around corners and small platforms.
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2021-09-20 00:07


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