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Summary0001537: Client Online Warps to Another Level, Mid Level
DescriptionWhen I have been playing games of 30XX online with two separate people (as Ace, each time if it matters), I will be enjoying a good run. Doing a bunch of power combos later down the line. Dolomite Link into Ryuusei with a Zen Uppercut if I have it. All the good stuff. We will be in the beginning of a level when all of a sudden the game will throw me (the client) and me alone (just the client) into the next/other level that has not been played yet in that run. However, to the host it appears I have stopped moving, and I also have not been disconnected from the game either.

We will have been split into two different game-locations and can no longer interact with glory zone teleporters or boss gates. Force closing the game with an Alt+F4 is the only way to get around this. Unfortunately, I don't know specifically what causes this to happen, but it has happened twice now when I've tried playing online.
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