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000149830XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2021-08-19 01:18
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Summary0001498: Ace Spear throw into side of moving platform leaves spear floating
DescriptionWith Ace's spear melee weapon, when you use its corresponding power to throw the spear as a projectile, if it hits the side of a moving platform, such as platforms that revolve in circles in the clock world, the spear will turn into a platform like it normally would on a wall, but it will not follow the moving platform into which it should ostensibly have been embedded. Instead the spear remains stationary where it struck the platform and seems to float in midair embedded into nothing.

Ideally it should be stuck in the moving platform and follow it, but a case could probably be made for the spear just not sticking into the moving platforms by either passing through them, bouncing off, or falling out of them.
Steps To ReproducePick Ace
Find spear primary weapon
enter level with moving platforms such as clock world
use 1st power button to throw spear so it strikes the side of the moving platform
Tagsace, Clockzone, moving platform, power , spear, Steam
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