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000149530XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2021-08-13 11:48
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Summary0001495: Game Does Not Start on Keyboard-less Devices
DescriptionWhen attempting to run 30XX on a device that does not have a keyboard connected, the following error shows up and the game fails to start:
"Error getting input devices. :( :("
Device being used is a OneXPlayer which is a handheld gaming PC, and does not have a hardware keyboard. After plugging in a keyboard and then launching the game, it launches fine. At this point, I am able to disconnect the keyboard and play with the gamepad without issue until the next time the game is launched. Since this game is fully gamepad supported, I would expect to be able to run it without having to connect a keyboard first.
Steps To Reproduce- Launch game via gamepad on a PC without keyboard/mouse connected.
Additional Information- Exact same issue affects 20XX as well -- unplayable without connecting keyboard before launching.
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