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Summary0001414: Crushing Void Can Be Switched While Charging to Apply Charge to Different Fusions
DescriptionRelated to open issue id 0001404. While that issue was about how Zen Mortar could be applied to different fusions, this issue is about how the same thing can be done with Crushing Void.

Any power using Crushing Void as a fusion can begin charging, and then switch fusions mid-charge to apply a different effect.
Steps To ReproduceMany examples, but will list the steps for one version.
1. Equip Negation Pulse as a base power
2. Fuse Crushing Void to Negation Pulse
3. Charge Negation Pulse to full
4. Open menu without releasing charge
5. Fuse Rending Whirl to Negation Pulse
6. Close menu
7. A single orb will circle Nina instead of the usual three for Negation Pulse + Rending Whirl
Additional InformationAttached are clips of the two more notable examples.
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2021-05-06 18:40


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