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Summary0001404: Nina's Fusions Can Be Switched While Shooting to Create Super Fusions
DescriptionFiring a fusion power, and then switching the attached fusion to Zen Mortar, adds the echo effect to the previously powered-up projectile. Attached are clips of the two most notable examples.
Steps To ReproduceMany examples, but will list the steps for one version.
1. Equip Aiming Gear as a base power
2. Fuse Crushing Void to Aiming Gear
3. Fire Aiming Gear which should shoot three projectiles
4. Open menu before projectiles disappear
5. Fuse Zen Mortar to Aiming Gear
6. Close menu and press the button for Aiming Gear again
7. The three projectiles will all split into multiple projectiles.
Additional InformationDifferent combinations can be created by starting with Zen Mortar as the base power, and then switching its attached fusion before activating the echo/split effect.
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2021-05-01 02:38


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