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000138830XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2021-04-26 02:20
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Summary0001388: Some Projectiles Face the Wrong Way After Touching Penumbra's Reflectors
DescriptionProjectiles change direction after touching a reflector in Penumbra, but some do not change the way they face to match their new direction.

List of Projectiles with this Issue:
- Dash Bolt from Oxjack's Ken
- Ace's Raijin Call (both the vertical and horizontal versions)
- Nina's Zen Mortar (only the split version, the initial single projectile is fine)
- Nina's Crystal Wave
Steps To ReproduceFind a reflector in the Penumbra stage, and fire at it a projectile from the list.
Additional InformationFusions using Zen Mortar or Crystal Wave face the same issue.
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