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000132530XX BugsGeneralpublic2021-08-29 20:02
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Summary0001325: Stuck inside floor sprite. (Penumbra Editor Chunks)
DescriptionWhen loading an editor chunk, character is placed 'inside the floor' causing inability to jump (see attachment). This particular problem has happened to me several times but it is consistent on some penumbra levels:
"Stairways into Darkness"
ID: 31R8GGW6

"Beamer Blasphemy"

"Cathedral Steps"

The problem happens every time I load the chunk. Using "Help I'm Stuck " reposition the character correctly.

Tested on V0.16 and V0.16.2 using Ace
on March 22 2021
By Nanoroll
Steps To Reproduce1) Load "Stairways into Darkness" ID: 31R8GGW6
2) Try jump, confirm the character is stuck "inside the floor"
3) As a workaround you can use "help I'm stuck" to free yourself.

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2021-03-23 05:02


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2021-08-27 20:09

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