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000130030XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2021-03-14 19:05
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Summary0001300: Falling after glory zone on semisolid ground. (Endless falling)
Descriptionversion 0.16.1 b6367185

This issue was encountered on unverified chunk while playing wild west mode.

After completing a glory zone, took the exit to return to the normal level. In this particular case the glory zone entrance was placed over semisolid ground and I fell down by accident. The game tried to reposition the character as always but, being repositioned on the glory zone entrance resulted on a falling loop.

Tested March 14 2021
by nanoroll

Steps To Reproduce1) Create a glory zone over semisolid ground.
2) Clear the glory zone and take the portal back to the normal level.
3) Fall through semisolid platform.
4) Character should fall and reposition itself on the glory zone entrance generating a falling loop.
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2021-03-14 19:05


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