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Summary0001290: Trying to play an editor chunk for the spire section in Penumbra spawns you in the wall
DescriptionWhenever I try playing a chunk I'm working on for the spire section in penumbra my spawn location is wrong, and I have been put into the wall consistently, and it seemingly always chooses an area near the middle bottom of the section. At first I had a start section near the right side of the chunk, but then I was spawned below the entire level in the middle, so I changed the location to be near the left thinking that I possibly wasn't supposed to be near the right, but then it still spawns me in the middle, though no I'm inside the wall instead of beneath it.
Steps To Reproducecreate a chunk for Penumbra in the editor and place some tiles all along the bottom, and probably have them go up by around 4 or 5 tiles each.
Additional InformationI don't know if any of this will help, but the chunk size is 4x5, I will provide a screenshot of the setup and where I spawn.
TagsPenumbra, stuck
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2021-03-11 21:24

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2021-12-28 02:29

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Fixed some time ago.

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