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Summary0001276: Tutorial dialogues - Incorrect ptbr localization
DescriptionHere are a few localization problems that I spot in the tutorial. I don't want, in any form, diminish the work of the localization team, as I know that this is a very hard and serious effort and they might have done the best they could. These are notes of what I considered problematic in the texts encountered in the tutorial.

1. Nina says "Estou acordado", but this is the masculine form, it should be: "Estou acordada", as a translation to "I'm awake."

2. In the dialogue, Zen says "The time is not right yet", the translation is "O tempo ainda não está certo, eu acho", that implies that time as an entity did something wrong and "eu acho" is more colloquial than "I suppose".
The ideal translation would be "Ainda não está na hora, acredito."

3. Nina says "Let's get me out of here and go from there.", the translation is very raw and says "Vamos me tirar daqui e ir daí em diante."
The ideal translation would be "É melhor começar saindo daqui."

4. The translation of "really" as "realmente" is very unnatural in brazilian portuguese.
The ideal translation would be "Eu deveria ter pensado em uma forma de abrir isso." Removing the adverb altogether.

5. "You know" as a intercultural expression is not used as "Você sabe", but as "Sabe como é". Also, the verb in portuguese is not implying that the character is pretending to clean the place.
The ideal translation would be "Oh, uh... Opa! Só tô, ah, limpando um pouco. Coisas de zelador. Sabe como é."
Additional InformationThe images attached show where the dialogues take place.
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