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000120730XX BugsGeneralpublic2021-04-08 09:04
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Summary0001207: Various bugs
DescriptionCo-Op partner could not see enemies/bosses or even damage them
Game occasionally froze when changing resolution to 1080p
Energy is consumed in the post-bossfight rooms so you can't test powers for free
When salvaging shared items (at least in the store) the gains are client-side. My friend got 2 hp for both of us (it didn't register on my end) and i got +10 nuts.
Joining my friend's lobby automatically put me into a game while my friend was still in the lobby, and the level had glitched level layouts, collision, and assets. The loaded level chunk said notDynamic.
Steps To ReproduceThe glitched level was the same level we just died in in our previous run, prolly a coincidence but it's the only thing I can think of.

Our internet connection is decent, about 100 ping or so

Good luck with 30xx loved 20xx a lot
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