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000117730XX BugsGeneralpublic2021-02-22 02:18
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Summary0001177: A Few Things I Discovered Playing Online.
Description1. In Mega Mode Client player unable to purchase augs from scrap recycler.

2. In online co-op, client player sometimes can no longer pick up boss weapons after getting one power. It just says, "Not my item." even though it is.

3. When selecting "Numbers Only" for your display of health, energy, and armor does not work, it always shows bars no matter what.

4. After defeating a mini-boss, the free augment compiler is sometimes invisible though still there.

5. Memory index is not giving permanent upgrades (blue portal cube at the start of a run) to both players, only the host. Though I feel this should be separate between both players, allowing them purchase their own upgrades.

6. The augment to use nuts instead of tokens for the slot machine only works for the host, not for client player.

7. Revive Shrines sometimes do not appear after defeating level boss, meaning dead player cannot retrieve boss weapon.

8. Number of Core Points are not displayed for client player.

9. In online co-op, Health, Energy, Armor sometimes does not display correctly for both host and client player. Meaning it may show your partner has full health, when really they're low. Same with Energy & Armor.
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