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Summary0001069: autocharge cancels charge when using a power (or autocharge disabled allows retaining charge when using power)
DescriptionIf autocharge is enabled and a power is used the charge is lost. Most easily reproduced with Ace who starts with a power. If autocharge is disabled and the player is holding the button down to charge, using a power does NOT loose the main weapon charge. This is true for both Nina and Ace and is dependent on the autocharge setting. In the case of Nina, charging a power while autocharge is enabled makes it impossible to charge the main weapon.
Steps To ReproduceStart a run as Ace (simplest test).
Ensure autocharge is enabled.
Wait for main weapon to charge (no buttons held, though really doesn't matter).
Fire off a power.
Use the main weapon, observe the lack of charge.
Disable autocharge.
Hold down primary weapon to charge.
Once charged, fire off a power.
Now release the primary weapon button, observe a charged slash right after the power being used.

Secondarily... Start a run as Nina, acquire the Crushing Void power.
Autocharge enabled, start charging power.
Observe that there is no way to charge up the main weapon now.
Disable autocharge.
Charge both main and power up. Observe that on release of each button in either order charge shots are released.
Additionally start charging power.
Now start charging main weapon.
Release main weapon at full charge, observe success in charged shot.
Additional InformationThe autocharge setting doesn't appear to mess with power charging (good), only the main weapon.
IMO I think power shouldn't mess with charge. Obviously the intention could go the other way hence the parenthesis and alternate phrasing.
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2021-02-21 22:01

administrator   ~0004902

The bug here is with the non-autocharge behavior, so I'm deprioritizing it a bit.

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